Nick’s Hair!

July 22, 2008

Here is a pic that was taken on April 24, 2008!!!!!!! LOOK AT HOW SHORT NICK’S HAIR IS!!!! He still looks ADORABLE!!!


Jonas Bros Facts!

July 22, 2008

Jonas Brothers


  1. They make $12 million a year!
  2. The Jonas Brothers have thier own youtube account! Here’s the link:
  3. The name of the their tour bus is Bertha.
  4. All of them agree that the girls they date should be smart, independent, have a good sense of humor, be spiritual, and understand their crazy scheldule.
  5. Before being homeschooled, all three Jonas brothers used to attend Eastern Christian High School.

The Jonas Brothers are featured in the commercial BreakfastBREAKS!! And YOU can be on it as well…WITH THEM!!! If you want to…then send a video. The Jonas Brothers want you to create a brief video (less than 60 seconds) showing why you believe eating breakfast is cool. A MAJOR bonus — one lucky video will be selected as the Jonas Brothers favorite, and the creator will get a chance to meet Joe, Nick and Kevin live in person, and appear with them in the next Breakfast BREAKS Commercial! OMJ OMJ OMJ!!!! (“oh my jonas” for those who don’t know)

Hey Ya’ll!

April 13, 2008

Hey!! Sorry i haven’t been posting often….i have been busy….

If there is anything about JB (jonas brothers) that you would like me to put on my webpage then leave me a comment..

Well bye!!!

 This blog is an amazing blog. It gives a great message about living life to the fullest. It is a great way to live.

Lol27’s Weblog

March 14, 2008

 Unfortunately, this is my cousins account. But if you are up for a good laugh go to his weblog because he is posting some good jokes.

And by the way I am OBSESSED with the Jonas Brothers!!!! (Aren’t we all) I have like 200 something pics of them on my computer. And many more on the wall of my room!!!!

I will be putting pictures and videos of the Jonas Brothers on this page. If you have any photos or videos please post them.